Online gambling is said to become a fast-growing industry since 1994, when the first online gambling website went live. As per a statistics website, Australia has the highest number of gamblers. But it is not appalling as 80% of the people in Australia gamble.  But with gambling its very satisfying when you double your money and “I think I can win the next time” when you lose. Online gambling also offers various deals and offers which is enticing for fellow gamblers. Like sign up bonuses, putting extra money when you refill your wallet, cashback weekly and many more. These offers encourage online gambling and help these websites to grow its customer base. These are all types of games available in the online format like Slot machines, Blackjack, craps, video Poker, Roulette; live betting on sports and much more. Most of these websites have all the games going on around the world open for betting. This category sales blows geographically as people would want to bet on the sports they love and follow. In case you visit these sites for the first time, there are instructions which will help you understand how to proceed and the sites are user-friendly and easy to use. One of the good sites for starting your gambling journey could be bet365.


How Many People Gamble Online?

Online gambling like gambling might not be legal in some states and not illegal in others. If you are in United Kingdom, South Africa, and Europe you can bet legally under the regulations provided by the law. But United States and India finds it illegal to bet. They use foreign websites and bookies to place their bets which are considered legal by few. Despite these regulations, the online gambling market is supposed to have a customer base of $56.05 billion by the end of this year. It might be because of the convenience and safety online gambling provides. You can log in to the site, let’s take bet365 for example; choose from multiple games, place your bets and get started. It’s that simple. You don’t have to visit a casino for this either, or go through any unnecessary travel expense. It can be done from the comfort of your house. But it is always advised that you do not place bets illegally and follow the rules laid down as per your state. Because even though these websites are for your entertainment and leisure, they do not support breaking laws and committing federal offense.

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